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 New date to be announced soon  

The Sexolution Festival is a colourful mix of sex-positive workshops, play parties, performances, sharing groups, wellness spaces, (un)structured meeting rooms, and interactive art.

What can you expect at the SEXOLUTION Festival?

High-class international teachers and a sex-positive attitude in a chic 4-star hotel

  • Workshops addressing relationship issues and sexuality
  • Training for couples, open relationship, and polyamory
  • Focused work on pleasure, lust, and self-awareness
  • Conscious kink, BDSM, tantra, water-shiatsu, shibari, playfight, massage, etc.
  • Play parties to experience familiar and new roles
  • Love space to meet, feel, and experiment
  • Soul space to share, reflect, and connect
  • 4*hotel with comfortable rooms in various sizes
  • Spacious wellness area with two spas
  • Massage/bodywork rooms
  • 1,000 m² outdoor area with heated pool
  • Tasty vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian food
  • A welcoming, friendly, and mindful atmosphere
  • Reasonable prices for festival, accomodation, and food

12 Facilitators
200 Participants
25 Workshops
1.000 m² Wellness Spa

Live Acts
Love Space
Soul Space
Play Parties



SEXOLUTION will change your life!

Look forward to five inspiring days full of joy, new friends, and extraordinary experiences.

Who is the festival for?

You’re welcome to come as a single, couple, or group.

The festival is for people of all genders, sexual orientations and identities, sexual preferences, body-types, experience levels, cultural backgrounds, and ages (as long as you are over 18), whether you’re monogamous, promiscuous, or polyamorous.  

What is your desire?

The sexolution festival is the right place for you, if you…

  • long to revitalize your relationship with new erotic spirit.
  • are curious, open-minded, and adventurous.
  • would like to explore a variety of ways to feel pleasure.
  • want to expand your spectrum of sexual possibilities. 
  • are seeking personal growth. 
  • want to learn about open relationships.
  • like to connect with like-minded people.

Tantra Massage
Art of Seduction

Couples Training
Open Relationship
Contact Improv


Let´s celebrate life together!

Reasonable prices

for 4 nights & 5 festival days

Price per person

  • Standard in 5-Bed suite: € 597,-
  • Standard in 7-bed suite: € 497,-
  • Standard in 7-bed women-only suite: € 397,-

Price for two people

  • Standard double room: € 1.397,-
  • Early-bird luxury suite: € 1.697,-

Festival tickets include all workshops, parties, and other activities, plus the use of the spa and wellness area.



Reasonable price 

for food  

Morning and evening buffet, plus a variety of afternoon snacks, including both warm and cold vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian options.
only € 100,- for the entire festival

Payable at check-in with cash or credit card.

The festival community is the perfect place to express your desires openly. You’re bound to discover something new.

Get closer to your partner and yourself!

Learn to have more intimacy in your partnership. Find out about communication and trust.  

Festival Structure 

we provide a varied program

  • Opening and farewell ceremonies
  • Morning practice (yoga, dancing, & more)
  • Morning gatherings
  • Sharing groups
  • Beginners´ workshops
  • Advanced workshops 

Get involved!

participatory elements 

  • Bulletin board for wishes and dating
  • Bazaar of desires (be prepared!)
  • Art performance (be surprised!)
  • A new form of Darkroom
  • Photocorner
  • Lesbian Orgy ….more Info soon!

    50 questions and answers to the following topics



    Who is there?

    Abundance of variation in sexual practices 

    Fantasies can be an integral part of a sexual profile. 

    Fantasies are like journeys in your head. Fantasies can be brought out of the mind into real spaces. They become the content of our workshops. Improvisation, playing with language, and new roles promote lightness and a different approach to eroticism and sensuality. This inspires and strengthens a carefree handling of wishes and desires.  

    Safe-Sane-Consensual (SSC)

    All encounters are based on this principle

    SSC guarantees that a space is created for everyone involved, in which you can rely on others. This is the way to feel safe to try something out. We will provide workshops on that topic. 

    No drugs and responsible alcohol 

    Since we take the SSC principle very seriously, we do not use drugs. If you want to drink alcohol at the festival, do it responsible. We can only take responsibility for our actions and feelings if we are fully conscious, if we are sober.



    Get out of what you already know!  A festival is different from everyday life. This is exactly where the potential lies. It offers the chance to get to know oneself and one’s partner from a new perspective.