Experience three professionally designed and tailormade theme worlds: „Kink“, „Love“ and „Tantra“. A multifaceted program, carefully tailored to meet your needs and as colourful as life itself awaits you.

Create your very own sex-positive festival program to suit your own needs. You can chose from a colourful mix of workshops and special events from morning to night. Many different workshops for trial or enhancement are offered both for beginners and advanced.


We offer a safe space for cooperation, exchange and inspiration and have invited national and international specialists covering several parts of sexuality. You will find workshops concerning alternative forms of relationships, polyamory, BDSM, Tantra, Kink, body awareness, self-awareness and personal development. Meditation and relaxation and profound, touching and event up to ecstatic experiences, all can happen.

Morning program

Start your day with meditation and yoga followed by group talks and sessions.

Evening program

Celebrate yourself and life in all its splendor surrounded by nature. Let yourself be touched by the music, network and make new friendships at the diverse evening program. Join (S)Extatic Dance, sing a song at the karaoke session, let it crackle by the campfire or discuss alternative porn screening.

Swing on the dance floor and be enchanted by the sounds of Mel Merio, DJ Scheibosan, DJ Gumix, DJ Blech & Bass and Symbiosis of United Love.