Rules / Agreement / Guidelines

The participation at the Sexolution festival is also an agreement to assure the freedom and safety of all participants. Please remember these important rules as listed below:



You agree that this festival is about the exploration of your own and in fact also of others sexuality and sexual actions. Your experiences of all forms such as nudity or sexuality as well as interactions with others are in your own responsibility. Safer sex and a clear verbal communication are mandatory at the festival. Respect your own and others boundaries, in other words, a NO is a NO!

All experiences and communications between other participants and what has been seen at the festival stays confidential! Please be also aware that some participants are not willing to make their interest in sex-positive events public, so what happens at Sexolution stays at Sexolution. On the festival there are NO DRUGS allowed. Alcohol consumption is ok if consumed in an appropriate way.




The festival-access is only for persons older than 18 years, an Photo ID is required. Please respect also that NO tickets can be sold to minors.




At the festival racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming, ageism, ableism or discrimination and any likewise mindset are NOT and will NOT be tolerated.


Respect the personal space, boundaries and consent. An enthusiastic YES is a yes, everything else is a NO. People can change their mind and a YES can turn, at any time into a NO. Respect that every time! Here a video to watch about consent:

If you want to start sexual encounter with somebody, please check and respect other individuals around you, sometimes they don’t want to be your audience. In such cases, find yourself another place to play.

If you are encounter sexual actions between people, do not interact unless you are invited directly.
Stay safe, sane and consensual

Please be aware that even unapproved hugs, touches applying therapy techniques on others follow the same rules of safe, sane and consensual.

If there are any issues in form of miscommunication or unwanted conversations between participants, address it to the soul space or the love crew.


Each person is unique in its own appearance and personality. The festival will host people of diverse genders, sexual orientations, relationship styles, nationalities, generations, body types, social statuses, and cultural backgrounds as well as political and religious beliefs. Therefore, make no pre-assumption about them and avoid prejudices of all kind! Please do not make any derogatory comments or inappropriate jokes if you encounter interactions between others you do not approve. Instead stay open minded and expand the limits of your own comfort zone.


Ask people if they want feedback before you give it to them. And ask for a time that is suitable for both of you. Do not gossip about others. Speak directly to the person you have an issue with. If someone attemps to gossip with you about others, you support them to speak directly to the person concerned.


If you have any emotional issue at the event, please talk to one of the persons at the soul space.
However it is your personal responsibility to ensure your safety, Sexolution can´t take responsibility for you.  Please ask when you need help.


We recommend to arrive on Wednesday 21st of August to join the festival from the beginning. Cause tent and van-places will be given in the order of arrival. If you arrive later, be aware that you step into an experience that has already started, and that people are already in process. For late arrival please inform:


You can look forward to a healthy selection of vegan or vegetarian dishes and a comprehensive fruit and salad bar. There will be a steak evening for the meat eaters. The complete full-board catering has to be paid at the Hotel.  You simply add the catering to your festival ticket by checking the mark-box.


We do not take any responsibility for lost items or clothes. There will be a lost & found place at the House.


Keep the festival area clean, and clear away your rubbish. No smoking in the House, and also do not leave your cigarette-stubs on the ground. Use the personal ash-tray you get at the gate.


If you feel at any time, that the festival or any workshop, or exercise is not appropriate to you, you are free to leave. Give Information to the info-point if you are leaving the festival. Nudity is ok, but you put on clothes every time you leave the festival area.


Please use it generously! We hope that you will post and blog about the festival.
Tag us on Instagramm and Facebook. However, please do not publicly criticize or condemn individuals. If you have any complaint or criticism about the event please consider discussing it with the organizers. We are open to suggestions, improvements and helpful critique!


We reserve the right to ask a participant to leave the event immediately, if we believe that a violation has occurred, or if we consider that they are a threat to the well-being of other participants. No refunds, no discussion.