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Luna Jalda

Coach, author

Body Vibration

Body Vibration is a loving symbiosis of meditation, body work (TRE®) and personality development. A link between spiritual teachings and modern science. An approach to accompany you in getting into your strength. Throwing off old ballast, being present in the present moment and feeling the pure vitality in you. Perceiving your body, feeling inner peace and experiencing yourself as pure awareness.

You carry everything in you. Everything is already there. You don’t have to search or make a special effort. It is about reconnecting with you and your essence, your true nature and inner strength. To follow your intuition. To come back into the flow of life. To really be human and to live the life that suits you and fills your heart.

Body Vibration is a simple and very effective body method that uses the TRE® technique according to Dr. David Berceli serves. After five preliminary exercises, the body is brought into a natural tremor state, which happens automatically and involuntarily. It is about curious observation and openness to what the body needs. It’s about sensing your own needs and self-regulation.

It is a self-exploration, a playful trial and sensual feeling of the body in a new dimension.

The exercises are designed so that everyone can do them. It is a series of exercises that easily stretch and stretch the muscles. Without competition, without a training goal. It is about mindful, gentle movements taking into account the individual physical and health condition and personal limits.

Body vibration helps you to shut down yourself and your system, relieve tension and trauma from the body and expand your energy. The natural tremor is like an inner massage that releases blockages and tension from your tissues. It is a gentle fascia method that is controlled by your body and makes you feel lighter and smoother.

This natural shaking medicine is nothing new to your body. Rather, it is a reminder of something that Mother Nature gave us. To relax, to calm the nervous system, to be full with us again and in the present moment. It is a valve to discharge excess energy and get out of the permanent stress / survival mode. To get back into the

Switch the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation mode) in which regeneration and healing can take place.

Body vibration is a body-oriented method and self-experience and therefore no physical or psychotherapy and / or healing treatment and cannot replace it. I do not make a promise of healing. Participation requires normal physical and mental resilience. You are fully responsible for yourself and your actions.


Zur Person

I accompany you on the way to you and your inner strength. Body Vibration (TRE®) helps you to connect with yourself, to experience inner peace and to rediscover your body.

The natural vibrating and swinging lets you feel your true vitality and brings your creative energy to a new level.

Body Vibration (TRE®) is a body-oriented method for personal development as well as increasing one’s own awareness and presence in the now.

 It is a self-exploration, a playful trial and sensual feeling of your own body in a new dimension.