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DJ, LED artist

Dancen and Schmusen

Dear friends of electronic dance music, let’s celebrate in our second living room. As part of the sex positive festival Sexolution, we are making a feast for everyone who wants to disguise, sexiness and meet: The best feast of love wherever there is! ♥

*** Dress code ***

We want the evening to be very special, but this will only work if everyone joins in! So: come pretty, come fancy, come as a unicorn, come naked, bring nail polish + lipstick. Dare to leave the caterpillars at home and make your most beautiful butterfly shine. Everybody is welcome – but an outfit is a must! We will send you home in street clothes.

*** Etiquette ***

In addition to good music, keat oafach vü more gschmust. We want to create a space where we can be who we want to be, where we feel comfortable and where we like to be. Let us invite love and enjoy it. We want to dance, cuddle, love and cuddle.But we have to take care of each other and respect a ‘no’. Before we do anything, let’s get consensus.

If you or someone else is not feeling well or if someone is misbehaving, please report immediately to the DJ or at the bar. We are there for you. We have absolutely no place for racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia, ruthlessness and dirty underwear.

*** Agreement ***

There are two arrangements for the evening:

  1. We are honest with each other, i.e. we follow our impulses and show our limits! With the traffic light code we can say in a short word what we want and get clear messages from our counterpart:

GREEN: You are welcome to continue what you do! You can also intensify it!

YELLOW: what you’re doing is okay, but please don’t intensify it! Rather slow down or pause!

RED: Stop what you’re doing and get out of touch for a moment! Then we can start the encounter again!

  1. Nothing we do this evening has binding consequences for the future, i.e. when we dance with each other, it doesn’t mean that we kiss. And when we kiss, it doesn’t mean that we exchange phone numbers or go home or get married or have children – it just means that we both just want to kiss – nothing else!

*** music ***

DemBambiSeiMudder Sound: hard, dirty, melodic, deep, danceable. Electro, techno, dirty. The later the harder.LEDs that provide audiovisual fireworks for all the senses ?

*** No Photo Policy ***

Photos are beautiful, but the best memories remain in our heads. Since we want to celebrate and be exuberant as we want to be, we ask you not to take photos.

Zur Person

DemBambiSeiMudder not only stands for good mood and DJ sets of the finest.

He also attaches great importance to the right ambience to visually support the music and therefore reaches deep into the bag of tricks of the LED installations and projection mappings.

He is also active in the polyamorous and sex-positive scene, traveling the world and giving lectures on love and alternative forms of relationships. He combines his passions for audiovisual stimulation and for love in the event “Dancing and petting!” In order to also design nightlife with sex-positive safer spaces.

We are very happy that he gave us dances and petting! accompanied by sexolution through the night.