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Dr. Diva

(Show) player, designer, performer, author, director, workshop leader

Erotic poetry

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Zur Person

  • (Show) player, designer, performer, author, director and workshop leader for more than 10 years:
  • (Dirty Talk, Changing Reality, love laboratory, shame, self-love, play heaven and much more) in Schwelle and at Xplore Berlin and Vienna, at the love art festival, the love school, The Art of Sex and Sexolution (Vienna), at Into the Wild (Sydney) and many more. He is the organizer of the Opium Berlin events (since 2012) and has performed at various events in legendary, international clubs such as KitKat, Insomnia, Dark Side or Torture Garden London.
  • My kink is connection. If you really see the other, if you are truly seen by the other – see means: really mean – there is a quantum leap in feeling, desire, lust and love. And all of this is so much bigger than the perfect ass or the most beautiful eyes. It takes you away from ‘I want’ to a moment together, a magical dance, even if it’s only for one night.
  • I am fascinated by the huge, hidden potentials in us and the ways to free them. My approach is playful – with ease, humor, empathy and love. Love for myself and people with all their facets. Because: I have a thousand faces and all are real.