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 09:54 - 16:05

Kristina Marlen

Sex worker, Dancer, Singer, Performer

Rope makes sense – an introduction

Shibari is the art of Japanese rope bondage, an erotic and ritualized way of tying. It’s a highly complex art form, which seems to be reserved for experts.
 With due respect to Japanese tradition, this workshop aims to enable participants to develop a rather anarchical approach to rope, leading to inspiring, effective and sensual results within a relatively short period of time.

The key to this work is to stay connected to one´s own body and with the body of the rope partner. In essence, tying is a creative act on behalf of the rigger.

Bring your own ropes if you have them. A limited amount will be provided to borrow. Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in.

Zur Person

Kristina Marlen is a sex worker in Berlin. She studied law and physiotherapy before deciding to focus on sex work.

In her work, she combines the tantric ritual with elements of the BDSM.
Her passion is Japanese rope bondage.

  • She gives sessions and teaches workshops on the topics of creative sexuality, sexual communication, body work, BDSM and bondage.
  • It is aimed at all genders and sexual orientations.
    Sex work is a vocation, passion and vision for them. She believes sex work is our life and enrich our communities.
  • She is a member of the BesD (professional association for erotic and sexual services) and is committed to an emancipatory practice in the
  • Sex work on – both in the individual workplace and in the media representation of the Professional.
    She is also a dancer, singer and performer.
    As an activist, she is constantly working on a vision of how self-determined and empowered sex workers can change the world – by sharing intimacy, touch, knowledge and pleasure. Sexual education and courageous practice go hand in hand.