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Michaela Fuchs

Feminist, Co-Founder of "Zwischenwelten", active women's work

Lesbian Orgy

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Zur Person

“I love rethinking constructs and concepts and deconstructing old traditions.”

Michaela has been living in alternative forms of relationship since ever. She is fascinated by touch, body and personal development. It is Michaela Fuchs’ concern to create spaces, in which people can get to know each other and their sexuality better. So they can gain more awareness.

Because only those who have enough information can make responsible and consensual decisions. This is the prerequisite for an appreciative relationship with themselves and others.

  • Co-Founder of “Zwischenwelten”
  • A decade of experience in designing sex-positive spaces
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Active Women´s work
  • Feminist