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Vinciens & Kenyade

Rope Artists, Shibari Dojo Vienna

Osada Ryu

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Vinciens started his first bondage attempts in 1995. Since then, rope and what has to do with it have not let go of him.

Only used as part of the sexual gimmick, he began to work with photographers in 2006 and also to implement the erotic bondage artistically. The tendency to Japanese bondage sparked. He made his first contacts to his later sensei Osada Steve in 2008. Since then he has been training for the Kinba style Osada Ryu, has been a certified Osada Ryu instructor since 2011 and has been able to teach this style on behalf of his sensei.

Workshops, private lessons, close friendships and cooperation with people from the erotic bondage art such as (excerpts) Nawashi Kanna, Kinoko Hajime, Umino (Dragonropes), Matthias Grimme, Ropert, Barkas, Ropeknight, Gorgone, Nikolas Yoroi, Esinem, Nawasabi, Bob Ropemarks , Stefano Laforgia etc. complete the spectrum.

Vinciens has been running the monthly Shibari round table in the SMart Café in Vienna since 2008 and was thus the initiator of the Viennese and later the Austrian Shibari / Kinbaku scene. In 2011 he founded the Shibari Dojo Vienna with his former student and later colleague Barkas and hosted the first series of workshops with Osada Steve in Vienna.

In 2014 he and his partner Kenyade founded the bondage school Kinbaku Studio Vienna aka Usagi Goya aka Hasenstall. In 2015 the first visit to Japan took place with extensive lessons with Osada Steve and Yukimura Haruki and visits to Kinoko Hajime and Perfo at the Pink Crystal Club in Tokyo. In 2017 the second series of workshops with Osada Steve took place in Vienna, organized by Kinbaku Studio Vienna.

In addition to building the Austrian bondage scene, Vinciens supports and supports the creation of bondage groups and bondage schools in other countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Romania, captivates for film and television productions (eg “The Little Pleasure”, “SOKO Donau”, “Ainoa”, …), for advertising (eg BAI campaign “Ideas need space”), crossover projects (painting, Sculpture, body painting, tattoo, …) and various photo projects at home and abroad.

Together with his partner Kenyade, Vinciens repeatedly appears on various stages and events in order to present the both dynamic and emotionally captivating style.

Kenyade and Vinciens are currently running the Shibari Stammtisch at the SMart Café in Vienna every 4th Thursday of the month to give captivating people an easy entry into the world of erotic rope art, the Kinbaku Studio Vienna aka Rabbit Stall, which provides weekly training sessions for everyone Tuesday, monthly workshops and individual lessons as well as perfos are offered and the bind and play event at the Schwelle Wien.

Vinciens and his partner have been an integral part of the Boundcon in Munich since 2013, both on stage and behind the scenes, as well as managers of and presenters on the Riggerjambühne at the Sub Rosa Dictum event in Munich together with their friends and colleagues Umino (Dragonropes ) and Azooka.

In his style and teaching, Vinciens attaches great importance to security when tied up and the emotional bond between the bondage partners. On the one hand, the clean technology is taught, without which no security is possible, and on the other, care is taken that people are tied up and not with dead objects. Working together is the focus, without losing sight of the security, the beauty and the efficiency of the bondage.

To do justice to Osada Steve’s quote “Osada Ryu is for everyone, not just super athletes.”

will be especially in the individual lessons on the needs of those involved

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