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Kyler D. Breed

Yogateacher, Dancer

Yoga and Contact Improvisation

Zur Person

Kyler D. Breed is an American pedagogue and multidisciplinary performing artist based in Vienna, Austria. His work spans the fields of embodied experience, somatic meditation principles and practice, as well as contemporary dance and movement forms.
  • He receives personal inspiration from Bhakti and Hatha Yoga, and from a wealth of experiences in dance circles all around the world.
  • Concurrent with his Bachelor’s degree, Kyler discovered yoga and contact Improvisation in New York city.
  • He began his teaching career as a tutor to young public school students on the Lower East Side, and a private yoga instructor at the Sixth Street Community Center in Alphabet City.
  • He has played and supported the production of dance performances all over the United States and now continues to develop impactful works of dance-theatre and performance in Central Europe.
  • He has danced with Ralf Jaroschinski, Kirstie Simson, Tim O’Donnell, and Paul Singh, among others. Kyler aims to empower individuals and unite communities through self-reflection, guided somatic research in the studio, and enhanced communication skills.