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What happens at the opening?

At the opening, we will introduce ourselves and the team behind Sexolution. We will give you an overview of the program, and you will get to know the location. We will also discuss the common rules – such as “Safe-sane-consensual,” – one, which are the prerequisites for a good coexistence. After our joint opening ritual, we will have our first party! This is the first opportunity to get to know other participants and celebrate.

I've never been to a festival like this. Is there any support to arrive and immerse yourself well?

We will have employees at the festival, called “love angels”, who are available if you have a concern or just want to chat a little. They will be there to support you. We will have an around the clock information desk. You can also find help there. The workshops take into account that there are people who have little or no experience

What is different after the festival? What will I learn / experience?

You will find yourself. You will learn more about your needs and your limits, maybe even throw old patterns overboard. You will definitely find new fun with your sexuality and learn a lot about the secrets of intimacy. In any case, you will become more open and tolerant towards other people. Things that may have been strange to you before, or that you have even rejected, will make you curious after Sexolution. Above all, you will be amazed at the colorfulness and diversity of how people shape their relationships and their sex life.

Look forward to meeting new friends and meeting like-minded people! Maybe you have a romantic encounter or even find the love of your life. Who knows?. Anything can happen at Sexolution. We know for sure: Sexolution will change your life!

Is there a joint departure?

Just as there is a joint opening, we also close the festival together. We will summarize and do a farewell ritual, so that you have a good transition into the world outside of the festival.

Who’s there?

Who will come to the Sexolution? Couples? Singles? Polys? Gender?

You are welcome to come as a couple, single, or as a group.This festival is for people of all genders, sexual orientations and identities, sexual preferences, bodytypes, experience levels, cultural backgrounds and ages (as long as you are over 18), whether you are monogamous, promiscuous or polyamorous.

What is the age average of the participants?

The festival is for people over 18. We have no upper limit.

The average age will be between 25 and 50. But from our experience, also some people under 25 and over 50 will come. What matters to us is the attitude, not the age.

How do I find connection as an individual?

From the opening, you will notice that the festival creates many opportunities to meet people. You will find it easy to connect at a workshop, in the daily sharing group, at dinner, at one of the parties, or while chilling in the spa.

What about gender balance?

It is particularly important to us to ensure that there is a gender balance at the festival. That means, there will be limited tickets for single cis-men.


I come with my partner. How do we prepare so that we can have a good experience as a couple?

Check out the program before the festival and decide which workshops you want to do together and which ones you might want to do alone. We recommend that you talk about it in advance and make clear arrangements. A festival like this offers many opportunities to grow as a couple. If it does get difficult, you can speak to our love angels or exchange ideas in your sharing group. There will also be a guided sharing unit every day held by an experienced sex- and couple counselor. It will also be possible to register for an individual consultation appointment in the Soulspace

Do we have to separate as a couple at workshops?

Nobody has to do anything. Maybe you want to do all the exercises together at the beginning. Sometimes doing an exercise with another person can be rewarding. It is important, as stated above, that you stay in contact and always take the time to talk to each other and support each other. You may have to renegotiate your agreements during the festival. We recommend: Talk to other couples. Take the opportunity this special place that we have created for you gives you. Share your experiences. You can support each other. It can be very enriching to learn from each other and to create something new together.

Special needs

Is the hotel barrier-free?


I have a physical disability. How do you deal with it?

We warmly welcome you. Please contact us in advance if you need something special, and we will take care of the appropriate accommodation

Nudity / Sex

Do I have to be naked in the workshops?

No, nobody has to be naked. However, being naked can be an advantage in some workshops, for example a workshop that uses massage oil. But as we mentioned before, do always pay attention to your personal limits.

Will I see other people naked?

Probably. Some people like to show themselves naked. With Sexolution, it is possible to be naked in many places within the hotel.

Do I see other participants having sex?

Yes it can be. Sexolution is a sex positive festival. In principle, sexual acts are not taboo. But there will be places where sex is not allowed. You will find out where and corresponding rules at the festival.

Workshops and other formats?

What is a play party?

A play party is a special kind of party. We put on special clothing. Maybe you come in lacquer and leather, maybe flashy and colorful, maybe naked. In any case, we get out of everyday life and immerse ourselves in a magical atmosphere. We create a special mood together. At a play party – in comparison to a “normal” party – it is allowed to behave sexually (but not necessarily). We can play with each other. We can have sex. We can watch or enjoy being watched. And of course we will chat, laugh, and dance.

What is a Soul Space?

Guided sharing groups, energizing bodywork, and meditations are offered regularly in this space. It is a place for rest, reflection, and tracking. If you have personal questions about sexuality and relationship(s) that arise during the festival, you can book an individual coaching here for free.The Soul Space is held by sex and couple therapists.

What is BDSM?

BDSM is an acronym that is made up of  “bondage & discipline,” “dominance & submission,” and “sadism & masochism”. The BDSM is about playing with an explicit, consensual exchange of power, and about giving and receiving physical and psychological stimuli such as pain. Communication, consensus, and risk awareness are in the foreground. Sexual acts can be part of BDSM play, but do not have to be. BDSM is often practiced in a fixed time frame, commonly known as a “session”.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an Indian teaching that includes philosophical and religious aspects. Tantra strives to connect body, mind, and soul. In tantra, sexuality is celebrated as something divine. The path of the Tantra seeks its realization in this world. This means that it cultivates values ​​such as love, joy of life, and sensual pleasure. That’s why tantra goes so well with a sex-positive festival like ours.

The path of the Tantra goes through the subtle energy system and thus also through the body. The body represents a “temple of the soul” and is an image of the entire universe. The goal of the Tantra is to awaken the primal power: the Kundalini power, which sits in the pelvis of the body. Sexuality serves as a means of self-awareness and self-knowledge. Sex in tantra is based on an inner mindset, as a means of expanding consciousness and ecstasy.

If you have little or no experience with tantra, there are some workshops at the Sexolution where you can get inspiration from your first tantric exercises.

Are there sexual activities during the workshops?

If the participants agree by mutual consent, sexual activities can also occur. But nobody has to do something that he or she doesn’t want. Everyone can leave or say stop at any time. The workshops are about sexuality, but not about classic intercourse. It is much more about playing, self-awareness, and getting to know new types of touch or of contact.

Should I do all workshops? How many workshops per day do you recommend?

There will be at least 3 workshops in parallel. Some are repeated so that you can visit many. You can attend a maximum of 5 workshops per day. We also recommend taking breaks. In the workshops you will experience many new things and learn a lot about yourself. It takes time to digest this properly. Such a festival is very intense and often triggers many processes. That is why we are so happy about our location, which offers many rooms for your contemplation and relaxation.

What qualifications do the workshop leaders have?

We have carefully selected our workshop leaders. All of them have years of experience as facilitators in the areas of body, relationship, and sexuality. With many of them, we have been working for years.

Can I cancel a WS?

For sure. You can leave at any time if you don’t like something or you have changed your mind.

I'm coming alone. Do I have to do exercises with strangers in a workshop?

Many workshops are about exercises with somebody else or with two people or maybe in small groups. You can always think about whether you want to join the exercise or not. But let yourself be surprised! An exercise with people you don’t know yet can bring you new experiences and insights.

Do I have to register for workshops beforehand?

Registration is not required for most workshops. For a few you need to register. You can see that in the program. The registration  for these workshops is at the festival. The final program will be online around July 2020.


What are the rules to avoid abuse? What happens if there is an assault?

We have established general rules. Please read them carefully before the festival. It is very important that we all follow them.

The first three workshops will deal with the topic of consent. We recommend all participants visit at least one of them. Our love angels also help to ensure that mindfulness and consensuality are paramount when dealing with one another. You can contact them or another member of our team at any time, if you have experienced an aggravating situation or want to talk to someone.

We reserve the right to expel non-consensual people from the festival without reimbursement. See also our terms and conditions.

Are there rules in dealing with safe sex?

Safer sex is an important part of a sex-positive attitude, there will be a workshop on this topic. We have also provided condoms and disinfectants for you. Please also familiarize yourself with what safe(r) sex means and what you have to watch out for. It is the responsibility of each participant to act responsibly. Support each other in this.

How do you protect the festival site from the outside? Can strangers come in?


Who can I talk to, how am I feeling?

We have various options for you:

* We have our own crew, the love angels, that you can contact at any time if you need help or just someone who will listen to you. They are introduced at the opening.

* We also recommend the guided sharing group, which takes place every afternoon in soul space. Experienced sex and couple therapists will accompany you there.

* You can also book an individual consultation unit, free of charge.

* Perhaps you will also find understanding and compassion among other participants. Dare to speak to others. You will see that other participants might have the same questions, insecurities and, problems than you do.

Is there support for people who get into a fight? Or have the questions.

Turn to a love angel. He / she will help you or get help.

Privacy / Sleep / Photos

Can I go on trips?

Zell am See is located in one of the most beautiful areas in Austria. There are countless excursion destinations and wonderful hiking trails. You can find an overview here:

Are photos taken at the festival?

Yes, we will invite a photographer who will take special photos of you, if you want. You can stage yourself and have a nice memory with a professional photo. You will get information soon.

Do I have to say my identity at the festival? Clear name?

At the festival you can name yourself with any name you want. When ordering the festival tickets, we need your legal name. Also for security reasons, we have to know who is at the festival. Of course, this information is subject to data protection and will not be passed on to third parties by us. For more details, please read our terms and conditions.

When is rest / night rest?

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How do I deal with noisy neighbors?

We hope that you can clarify this with a conversation. If not, please contact our info desk. You will be helped there.


How can I cancel tickets I have already bought?

The tickets can be canceled within 14 days.

What is included in the ticket price?
Is there medical care at the festival?

There is a general public hospital in Zell am See near the hotel:

The Tauern Clinic has an emergency, an acute, and numerous specialist outpatient departments. It even hasits own helicopter place. Here you will be well looked after, should you need it, which of course we do not hope for.

The emergency telephone number for serious emergencies is 144, the general practitioner emergency number is 141.

You can reach the hospital at: +43 6542 777.

What do I have to take with me?

Diary, massage oil, lunghi, water bottle, comfortable clothes, enough clothes to change, swimsuit, special party clothes, accessories to dress up, ear plugs

If you want, you can also take your favorite toys, floggers and ropes with you. You may need them in one or the other workshop or at the play party.

What is the best way to get to Zell am See?

For the sake of the environment, it’s best to come by train. From the train station in Zell am See you can either walk (about 25 minutes) or take a taxi to the hotel (5 minutes).

Zell am See Taxi: +43 650 562 0 298
Top Taxi: +43 664 444 0344

If you come by car, you will find enough parking space in front of the hotel.

Is there a dress code at the festival?

No there is no dress code. Put on what you like and how you feel good. Comfortable clothing is of advantage at many workshops. But you can also appear colorful and kinky. We are particularly happy about that.

Maybe you want to walk around in your favorite latex outfit day and night. Maybe you have a clothing fetish that you would like to wear extensively. Anyway – we look forward to all of your (kinky) outfits and styles! At sexolution you can come as you like. Take that opportunity to dress up.

Drug / Alkohol

Safe-Sane-Consensual (SSC)

All encounters are based on principle Safe-Sane-Consensual (SSC). SSC guarantees that a space is created for everyone involved, in which you can rely on others. This is the way to feel safe to try something out. We will provide workshops on that topic.

Since we take the SSC principle very seriously, we do not use drugs at the festival. During the workshops we also don’t allow drinking alcohol. We can only take responsibility for our actions and feelings if we are fully conscious, if we are sober.

What do you do when someone uses drugs?


How many meals are there? Which food? Allergy?
I have a specific food intolerance, can I get a corresponding meal at the festival?