For the time of Sexolution we form a very special community of like-minded people. We all share a common desire to live our life passionatly. To come closer to what we really want. To be connected with ourself and others.



Different Formats & Spaces

We provide a wide spectrum of formats and different spaces to experience, enjoy and feel

The whole is more than the sum of the parts.The magic of Sexolution is the interaction of all it offers. Beside choosing from numerous workshops, you can also try out a whole range of other experiences. you will be amazed what may happen if you let yourself get involved.

  • Morning gathering
  • Morning ritual
  • Sharing groups
  • Soul space
  • Love space
  • A new form of Dark room
  • Fotocorner
  • Bulletin board
  • Workshop
  • Lesbian Orgy
  • Performance Show
  • Participatory art

Find description of some formats below.
Watch out! More descriptions to come soon.

Play party – get dressed up and play together 
A play party is a special kind of party. We put on special dresses. Maybe you come in lacquer and leather, maybe flashy and colorful, maybe naked. In any case, we get out of everyday life and immerse ourselves in a magical atmosphere. We create a special mood together.

At a play party – in comparison to a “normal” party – it is allowed to behave sexually (but not necessarily). We can play with each other. We can have sex. We can watch or enjoy being watched. And of course we will chat, laugh and dance.
Time and theme of the play party to be announced

Love space – get connected sensually
The Love space is a cozy decorated 150 m2 room. Here you can retreat with your loved one. Perhaps you have made a new acquaintance. Then this is a possible place to meet and maybe get closer. The Love space is about feeling, lingering and coming into contact. Sex can be. But it doesn’t have to.

Maybe you want to cuddle. Maybe you find yourself in the Love-Space as a group of three or four or more. The atmosphere is friendly, calm and sensual. The light is muffled, the air lukewarm, the mattresses soft and the music ripples gently.

Because right next to it is the sauna and the spa area. In the Love space we whisper, so that we don´t disturb others. If you want to talk, there are many other beautiful places in the hotel. And like everywhere, the rules “Safe, sane and consensual” apply.
opening hours will be announced

Soul space – managed by sex and couples therapists
Meditations, energizing bodywork  and guided sharing groups are offered regularly in this space. It is a place for rest, reflection and tracking. If you have personal questions about sexuality and relationship(s), that arise during the festival, you can book an individual coaching here for free. The Soul space is managed by experienced sex and couple therapists.
opening hours will be announced


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Morning gathering – get information about the program
Every day in the morning we all meet up in the plenum. There we make the announcements for the day – also if there are any changes in schedules. Most interesting for you, the workshop leaders will present their workshops personally. It is important that you take part in the morning gathering. Not only because of the information, but also because of the festival spirit.
Time: every day from 9.00  – 09.30 in the morning

Sharing groups – learning from each other
Every day there will be an opportunity to share, what you have experienced. This space offers the opportunity for reflection and feedback from other participants. You will be in a group of about 5 to 8 people. Personal perceptions may be put into perspective.

Everyone brings different resources and has different experiences. The sharing group will be the festival family for you. You will learn from each other and support each other. And along the way you get to know new people and make new friends.
Time: every day from 9.30  – 10.00 in the morning

Dark room – dive into the unknwon
One evening there is a dark room. No light enters. And so it means being more careful, moving more carefully. Tender touches show, that there is someone else. If there is nothing to see, the feeling becomes even more important. In our dark room, unlike conventional dark rooms, it is not about anonymous sexual intercourse.

It is more about approaching a new experience. How is it without the sense of sight? What if I don’t know who is already in the room? Let yourself be surprised! This experience is bound to be exceptional.
opening hours will be announced

Bulletin board – wishes come true
On a bulletin board you can cheerfully write your (perhaps so far most secret) wishes to your heart’s content. Be it that you finally want to experience a certain fantasy in real life – such as “I have the fantasy that 2 men are giving me an erotic foot massage” or “I would like to be whipped by a woman.” 

Or maybe you want to get to know someone in particular. In any case, there is an opportunity here. Who knows, maybe one or the other wish will come true.