Queerfem creature, always looking for more with cheerfulness and curiosity Depth and breadth.

“Many paths lead home, to ourselves. Let’s walk a little together.”

Frey accompanies people on their way to a cozy feeling The focus is on dealing with all facets and parts of the body to perceive and learn to accept as a whole. A sense of develop your own needs and consequently them more and more communicate authentically. Exercises by means of which the personal Boundaries are explored or made visible and advancement a culture of consensus play a big role.

Working in women * groups around topics such as self-empowerment, Self-touch, cunnilingus etc. is particularly important to her.

Some training and important influences:

Nuad Thai Bodywork, Somatic Movement, Trauma / Tantra / Emotional Work, Playfight, Cuddle Therapy, Contact Improvisation, Political Ecology, Body Centered Psychotherapy, dance, mindfulness training