Mario Sinnhofer

The work of Mario ~ Touched is positioned at the intersections of performative art, social sculpture, gender bending, body work, transformative learning and intersubjective We-spaces. Creating interactive & immersive performances, participative projects, as well as commercial products, workshops and one-to-one sessions.

Their excitement about connecting immersive performance with tantric touch and intersubjective We-space work will be gradually incorporated into the design of the festival.

  • Fine Arts / Transmedial Space (University of Art & Industrial Design Linz)
  • Communication Science / Interpersonal Communication (University of Salzburg)
  • Pioneers of Change; Professional training and personal transformation process (Vienna)
  • Sculpting Atmospheres; Training for hosting intersubjective Emergent Dialogue spaces (Frankfurt)
  • The Path of Touch; Training for seminar leaders, connecting Systemic Constellations, Shamanic Rituals & Tantric Massage (CZ)


Performances, exhibitions & workshop facilitations in Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, UK and Australia.

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