Sex Magic Ritual for Manifestation

  • Sunday

  • 11:30-13:30

  • Lotus Tent

About this workshop

In this ritual we will create a space together for using sexual energy to manifest anything we want by channelling gratitude and pleasure into the intention. Firstly, participants will write down what they want to manifest, being very specific. This can be a home, a job, financial abundance, a life partner, a dream travel….anything.
We will use visualisation and the power of thoughts with strong focus on the positive emotions that having this desire already achieved will bring to us. Finally, we will breath and stimulate each chakra, sublimating raw sexual energy into refined creative energy which will help us to manifest our desire. This can be done solo or in couples and it involves sexual touch or love making.


The goal of this workshop is to sublimate and refine sexual energy and use it as a source of creation of whatever we want to manifest in our lives.