Reclaiming our Sexuality through Archetypes

  • Saturday

  • 15:30-17:30

  • Lotus Tent

About this workshop

Sexuality is surrounded by shame for many of us. We are allowed to enjoy it, but only certain things and in a certain way. And so we keep some of our authentic desires hidden for fear of being seen as a slut or weirdo. That is a shame, because it is precisely those desires that can give us both a lot of self-insight and pleasure. During this workshop we will look into our authentic desires and ways to explore them. We use guided meditation and techniques from Tantra and Conscious Kink. Consent is an absolute cornerstone to this workshop. So come and meet your inner Slut, Weirdo, Whore, Goddess, God, Pervert, or Other and find out what they can do for your sexuality!


The goal of this workshop is to create a space in which authentic desires can be felt, communicated and explored.