Consensual Non-Consent

  • Friday

  • 11:15-13:15

  • Hotel

About this workshop

We are exploring forced sex fantasies in a safe and beautiful way. We will understand how to use safe words “red”, “orange”, “green” so that people can say “get off me” without the scene changing. What it’s like to be held down, pinned, unable to move. Many people fantasize about this, but most people don’t get the chance to explore it safely. We will make this a safe and beautiful exercise in holding people down and feeling our power of resistance; and of surrender. – Not suitable for complete beginners.


The goal is to explore a darker kink but in a really light and funny way. Lots of people fantasize about being forced to do things sexually but nobody really wants to have their boundaries crossed. This is a safe and beautiful way to explore this very common fetish.