Consent is super sexy

  • Thursday

  • 11:30-13:30

  • Lotus Tent

About this workshop

This workshop embeds the theory of the Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin in an interactive way to fully embody and understand the amazing concept and to be equipped with communication tools to navigate consensual intimate encounters.
Each part of the Wheel of Consent will be represented by a station: give, receive, take and allow. Two of the four stations will be “tantric”, the other two stations are conscious kink related.
Once the theoretical framework is explained, participants can start to freely move between the Tantra and Kink stations and explore the four ways of engagements using the power of words to negotiate consent.


The intention of this consent based workshop is to find our strength and right words to identify and express our desires, fears and boundaries clearly to partner(s) and learn how to listen, feel, respect and maintain consent in every interaction with others.