Safer Intimacy Elevator Pitch 101

  • Friday

  • 11:00-13:00

  • Main Tent

About this workshop

Have you ever been to a play party, or in a non-monogamous interaction and thought: ‘I wish I knew this before we started this!’ Ever come down with a shaken up nervous system, an STD, or even a broken heart? I know I did. And I wish I had a tool that would support me to share all the information for relaxed and playful play, as well as the practice to go beyond that stage of feeling awkward to bring up ‘the talk’, or wonder why to bring it up (and then being too late anyway). In this workshop, we’re going to train our Safer Intimacy Elevator Pitch. You’ll work with the B-Smart tool, which supports you in finding what’s important for you to talk about, as well as you’ll practice your pitch. We’ll also practice expressing clearly for what you really want, using the tools of embodied sensing and the Wheel of Consent. The intention for you is to leave the workshop realizing that talking about safer intimacy and consent can be easy, in flow, and very, very sexy.


The goal is to empower people to have the interactions they really want.