A festival needs a cozy place, inspired organisers, experienced teachers, and a mindful welcoming atmosphere. BUT ABOVE ALL IT NEEDS YOU!
Your spirit and your participation are essentual for the success of SEXOLUTION.


from play party to dark room, from sharing group to soul space, from love space to fotocorner

A play-party is a special kind of party. We put on special dresses.. Maybe you come in lacquer and leather, maybe flashy and colorful, maybe naked. In any case, we get out of everyday life and immerse ourselves in a magical atmosphere. We create a special mood together. At a play-party – in comparison to a “normal” party – it is allowed to behave sexually (but not necessarily). We can play with each other. We can have sex. We can watch or enjoy being watched. And of course we will chat, laugh and dance.

Time and motto of the play-party: will be announced soon

Sharing groups – learning from each other

Every day there will be an opportunity to share, what you have experienced. This space offers the opportunity for reflection and feedback from other participants. You will be in a group of about 5 to 8 people. Personal perceptions may be put into perspective. Everyone brings different resources and has different experiences. The sharing group will be the festival family for you. You will learn from each other and support each other. And along the way you get to know new people and make new friends.
Time: every day from 9.30  – 10.00 in the morning