Hotel “Der Waldhof”
Schmittenstraße 47
5700 Zell am See/Austria

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Daily Schedule

07.00 – 07.45: Morning ritual
08.00 – 09.00: Breakfast
09.00 – 09:30: Morning Gathering
09.30 – 10.00: Sharing Groups
10.00 – 13.00: Workshops
13.00 – 15.00: Lunch
15.00 – 18.00: Workshops
18.00 – 19.30: Dinner
19.30 – 22.00: Evening Program


Price / Person

Standard in 5 bed suite: € 597,-

Standard in 7 bed suite: € 497,-

Standard in 7 bed women suite: € 397,-


Price for two people
Standard double room: € 1.397,- 

Standard in luxury suite: € 1.697,- 


Standard tickets are limited.
Prices include festival pass and accomodation.


Evening Program

There is an exciting and inspiring program every evening

  • Play Party
  • Poetry Reading
  • Orgy
  • …more to be announced soon…

What to expect? 

Zell am See/Austria

What is Sexolution?
It is a colorful mix of workshops, parties, performances, sharing groups, love space, wellness, and interactive art happenings. All with sexpositive attitude.

Sexolution will change your life!
5 days for personal growth, joy and new experiences

  • Expand the possibilities
  • Immerse yourself in new experiences
  • Exchange with like-minded 
  • Have fun and joy
  • Discover sensuality and playfulness
  • Differentiate what you already know
  • Enhance meaningfulness and intimacy

Who is this festival for?
You are welcome to come as a couple, single or as a group.This festival is for people of all genders, sexual orientations and identities, sexual preferences, bodytypes, experience levels, cultural backgrounds and ages (as long as you are over 18), whether you are monogamous, promiscuous or polyamorous.

Learn to have better sex!
We see sexuality as a constant learning and development process that you can take into your own hands. With this festival, we want to help spark curiosity to discover your own potential. Working on ourselves is fun and brings new perspectives that let us grow personally.

By organising Sexolution we want to make our contribution to change the world. 

Our Vision: Why we have launched Sexolution
Our vision is that people treat themselves and their fellow human beings with love and respect. That they can live fulfilling and nourishing relationships that delight body, mind, and soul. 

We want to make the world a better place
We also started this festival because we firmly believe that overcoming shame, fear, and guilt makes you happier, not only when it comes to sexuality. In addition to individual well-being, more love and intimacy come into the world. With this festival we want nothing less than to make our contribution to change the world. And making it a better one.


    Short festival facts

    High-class international teachers and a sexpositive attitude in a chic 4*hotel

    • Workshops addressing relationship issues and sexuality
    • Training for couples, open relationship, and polyamory
    • Focused work on pleasure, lust,  and self-awareness
    • Conscious kink, BDSM, tantra, water-shiatsu, shibari, playfight, massage, etc.
    • Play parties to experience familiar and new roles
    • Love space to meet, feel, and experiment
    • Soul space to share, reflect, and connect
    • 4*hotel with comfortable rooms in various sizes
    • Spacious wellness area with two spas
    • Massage/bodywork rooms
    • 1,000 m² outdoor area with heated pool
    • Tasty vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
    • A welcoming, friendly, and mindful atmosphere
    • Reasonable prices for festival, accomodation and food


      • Intimacy
      • Love
      • Joy
      • Couples-training
      • Open relationship
      • Self-awareness
      • Conscious Kink
      • Tantra
      • Experience

      How do we experience intimacy, desire, lust and arousal?
      How do we build consensus? How do we negotiate love in the 21st century?

      A journey of discovery
      Sexual learning is a journey of discovery. We put all our preconceived opinions and previous experiences to one side. And we can experience ourselves anew.

      Try new things
      Everyone´s sexual journey is different. Some people may not have found the right mix of stimuli, actions, and ways of perceiving things for themselves. The festival is to try new things – to experience yourself anew. Because if you alway stick to the same, nothing will change.

        The festival is to try new things. To experience yourself anew. Because if you alway stick to the same, nothing will change.